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Multifactor authentication products that help you implement biometrics without the need for passwords, for 3-factor trust of your end users.


In many industries, sound risk management practices dictate the implementation of 2-factor (2FA) authentication into your security model. Regulatory drivers are further requiring the implementation of all 3 factors (3FA) to increase the trust level of employee identity as they access critical server data. SensiPass can help you integrate any biometric technology and implement 3-factor authentication without the problems of passwords, and without disrupting your current authorization infrastructure.

SensiPass Connect

SensiPass Connect is our flagship product that enables your end users to authenticate themselves using a mobile device by interacting with their own biometric image. We can integrate this with your existing biometric technology, or work with you to identify one that best fits your specifications.

SensiPass Remote

SensiPass Remote offers the same authentication experience and security of SensiPass Connect, but uses a mobile device to login to a browser on a different computing device, kiosk or ATM, or physical access point. It is not necessary to install any browser extensions, and the user has authenticated themselves with the same 3-factor level of trust as with SensiPass Connect.

SensiPass Extra

SensiPass Connect and SensiPass Remote each allow the user’s credentials to be stored locally or on an authentication server, depending on your use case and policies. Extra adds another layer of security to the identity process by pushing the entire authentication process away from the device, allowing you to maintain control of both the user’s credential data and the authentication process.

Control Panel: User Administration and Dashboard Analytics

One of the benefits of including all three authentication factors is our ability provide an option to enable 2-factor user self-resets. By authenticating themselves with two of the three factors, users can re-register the third factor, e.g. device, biometric or interaction, thus reducing help desk costs associated with “password resets”. However, users will sometimes need support, and our control panel provides a simple method for understanding how your users are accessing your system, and providing a clear trail of who accesses the system, where, when and their enironmental conditions.