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Our patented approach to multifactor authentication provides a fast, simple way to deploy any biometric technology in an intuitive way without the use of alphanumerics.


Trust. We prove it to each other personally by showing consistency in what we say and how we behave and who we know. Similarly in our digital life, we are constantly asked to prove who we are through a combination of three distinct factors: something we "know", something we "have" and increasingly something we "are" -a unique biometric. Each of these factors carries with it a distinctive risk/strength profile, as well as a separate set of challenges to cybercriminals.

While the challenge of establishing personal trust is up to you, establishing trust in your digital world has become very frustrating for users, and increasingly difficult for those charged with safeguarding digital assets. Password complexity is forcing people to resort to unsafe management practices. And while adding biometrics confronts hackers with a new barrier, widespread deployment comes with challenges.

We designed SensiPass to help companies securely deploy biometrics on mobile devices for 3-factor authentication without passwords, PINs or extra hardware. This effectively eliminates the risks associated with poor credential management practices or loss. Contact us to discuss how we offer solutions for banking, healthcare, defense and critical asset management scenarios.

How SensiPass Works

SensiPass is a patented technology that combines all three factors of authentication as defined by the FFIEC and NIST (something you “have”, something you “know” and something you are”) into a single dynamic digital signature. This signature can be used to authenticate a user to any computing device, including those used in mobile device and data access, physical access control and other applications. We’ve developed several artificial intelligence algorithms into the design of both the user interface and the credential matching to create high level of security while providing a seamless experience for the end user.

To help our customers better achieve a strong KYC (Know Your Customer) level, we have the ability to collect behavioral and ambient data during the authentication process to assist in providing a higher level of identity trust. Our dashboard and administration panel provides with you with a graphical and empirical representation of the user’s login behavior and results, and can be customised to best apply to specific environments and use cases.


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