Authenticating people, not just their credentials.



Conventional user authentication solutions, in an attempt to become "password-less," have essentially removed the user from the process to the point where they are not being authenticated anymore, and only their devices are. This leaves users with little to no real control over their own digital identities, and enterprises unsure as to who is actually accessing critical information and services in their organizations. Consequently, this leaves everyone involved highly vulnerable to theft, impersonation, and violation of privacy and mutual trust. 

SensiPass keeps the user in the user authentication process, giving them control over their digital lives. By doing this, we usher in a new, more human level of user authentication that improves usability, security, privacy, and accountability.

We have accomplished this by providing a simple and elegant bolt-on technology that enables IAM providers, their customers, and end-users to register personal interactions with their chosen prompts, in their chosen environments. Using our patented AI technologies, we measure these correlated authentication factors to provide proof-positive identity assurance for conventional use cases, highly customizable solutions for special needs, and emerging human-machine interfaces.  SensiPass is transforming knowledge-based authentication to keep digital identities in the hands of the owners.