True Innovation

SensiPass is revolutionizing the digital identity space with its innovative approach to user authentication. Unlike traditional solutions that rely on cryptographic keys, static passwords, or biometrics, SensiPass enables biometrics and devices to be leveraged in context with memorized secrets in the form of personalized interactions to offer a more secure and convenient alternative to passwords.  This personalized interaction combines multiple factors such as biometrics, tokens, and secrets to provide greater security, but also enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for cumbersome and repetitive authentication and human detection processes.

This differs from competing methods of biometrics or device authentication because we ensure that human involvement remains in the process in a personalized, fun, and elegant manner to create a 3-factor Dynamic Digital Signature (DDS3TM) which is simpler, intuitive and fun for users, and difficult for criminals and weaponized A.I. to impersonate.

Our multi-purpose, multi-platform solution can be integrated with any biometric technology or computer input device, resulting in a simpler, more elegant and higher standard for inclusive and secure digital identity assurance.

Comparison of approach to user authentication by industry and SensiPass