Flexible architecture, simple API, anyone, anywhere.

Critical infrastructure

Legacy industrial control systems have been subjected to an increasing number of state and private attacks, greatly jeopardizing both human and economic value. No organization is immune to insider attacks either. SensiPass supports the modernization of existing and new systems by improving your ability to enforce policies and develop proper audits by ensuring user-based events within your systems through our BioGlyph™ authentication solutions. Our solutions enable your organization to implement secure access controls for your industrial control systems, reducing the risk of insider attacks, and increasing resiliency and your overall security posture.

Enterprise security

Employees and customers are required to log into online systems multiple times each day. Implementing a zero-trust environment with multiple cards, passwords, and biometrics for multiple systems can be an arduous task. SensiPass offers a single, simple API that integrates with your existing IAM solution to provide elegant user authentication at any control point or human-machine interface. Zero-trust and strict accountability of users can now be easily implemented and reported, making it simpler for your organization to protect critical systems and information.

Social and gaming communities

Let's face it, online communities are plagued by stolen profiles, fake profiles, misinformation, and cheating. Enforcing community policies can be challenging when bad actors simply create new identities. With SensiPass/TruAnon Vault, users can prove ownership of their existing social footprint, safeguarding their online identity, and automatically obtaining a trust score. This solution empowers you to: Enforce policies Suspend or ban bad actors more effectively Offer your members a way to trust each other Make your community a safer place to socialize.

The next big thing

The world of the internet is vast and amazing, much like the sea and sky. The next generation of the internet is being built to support the ongoing space race, and new architecture is being designed in multilateral projects such as LunaNet. Expanded exploration into our vast seas also requires digital controls and communications. However, both of these new areas of design and exploration come with cyber-risks from bad actors seeking to disrupt progress. These environments also introduce new human-machine interfaces involving AR/XR and immersive environments, digital twinning, and hyper-enabled operators with exoskeletons. SensiPass has developed user access controls to protect access to critical systems and information for challenging use cases. Contact us to discuss your most challenging use cases.