SensiAR and ImmersiveID

ImmersiveID™ and SensiAR are specifically designed to secure access to immersive environments (AR/VR/XR).


SensiAR offers a mobile authenticator application that works much like SensiQR. Users register a unique gesture related to their biometric using their mobile device or a kiosk which enables them to gain access to privileged data presented on their XR device.

This provides a secure and elegant solution for the following markets:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Training
  • SCADA systems access control
  • Consumer systems (e.g. gaming)


ImmersiveID™ comes as a hardware-embedded solution, enabling all authentication activity to occur within the immersive environment. ImmersiveID presents a flexible and secure authentication method for XR environments where there is no availability for peripheral devices. This provides even greater security by minimizing communications outside the device, as well as providing an effective and fast user authentication experience completely within the immersive environment that is highly personal, elegant and actually fun!