We started SensiPass with the conviction that every person has both the right and obligation to control their digital identities, regardless of how or where they access them, or what accessibility challenges users may have. Our vision was to fix the difficult task of digital identity control, and we have accomplished it.

The methods we use to access our digital information have expanded in the past decade. SensiPass solves the problems of digital identity control by providing a fast, simple, and secure method for users to authenticate for a variety of human-device interfaces. Our solutions correlate a user's secret interactions with personal prompts, which are customizable for a specific need or hardware use case.

Complicated password requirements are unscalable, and weaponized AI can quickly break passwords and keys at will. Conventional solutions remove active user control to the point where they aren't even being authenticated anymore, and only devices are. This leaves us with little to no real control over our digital identities.

SensiPass keeps users in the user authentication process, and in control of their digital lives. By doing this, we usher in a new level of user authentication to improve usability, security, privacy, and accountability. Join us in transforming user authentication to secure our digital world, now and for the future.

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