SAVE the password!  Wait, what?  We live in a digital world where access to our online accounts is a critical part of our daily lives. We use passwords to prove our identity and access the things we need and value, such as our bank accounts, emails, and even the doors to our homes. But, have you ever thought about what is really being tested to confirm that it is you accessing these accounts? The answer is typically something you have little control over, like a device, a key, or a USB dongle.

However, the reality is that all of these things are becoming increasingly vulnerable to theft or manipulation. The cyber industry has slipped down a slope of no longer authenticating people, and instead relying on devices that can easily be lost or stolen. The result is that our digital identities are being compromised, and we are no longer in control of our own information.

So, what can we do to regain control of our digital identities? The answer is simple: we must reclaim the power of our minds. The password, which was not originally intended for user authentication, has become a socially detested symbol of our digital lives. But, what if we could keep something much more secure and personal in our minds besides a password?

The mind is the one thing that is the most difficult for anyone else to steal or control. It is unique to each individual, and holds all of our secrets, thoughts, and memories. Imagine if we could use our minds to prove our identity, to access our accounts, to send money, and to communicate with others in a secure and authentic way. This would be the true definition of digital identity.

The idea of using the mind for authentication may sound far-fetched, but it is already being developed and tested in the field of biometrics. Biometric technologies, such as voice scanning and facial recognition, are already being used to prove identity, and the potential for the mind to contribute to this is just beginning to be explored.

In conclusion, the password has become a symbol of our vulnerability in the digital world. It is time for us to reclaim control of our digital identities and use the power of our minds to authenticate who we are. The mind is the only thing that is truly ours and cannot be stolen or manipulated, and it holds the key to our future in a digital world. Let us embrace the power of our minds and take control of our digital identities.  SensiPass, reimagining user authentication for tomorrow's threats, today.

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